Agarwood Oud Grading

Q: What is the common Agarwood grading?

A: Regarding our experience in Agarwood Trade, around 20 years ago and until the year of 1997, the highest Agarwood grade is super, super is the Top quality, but now, since the Agarwood limited, some trader put some grade that we explain below:

1st grade is Double Super

This Agarwood must sink, black, oily, heavy like asphalt, etc.

2nd grade is King Super

3rd grade is Super

4th grade is A

5th grade is AB (mix A and B)

That grade is commonly sell as chips to burn, there is also B and C grade, but it is seldom sell as chips.

We many times asked about AA grade Agarwood or AAA grade or AAAA grade Agarwood chips, as long as our experience and national Agarwood standard grade in Indonesia and International, those AA, AAA, AAAA grade I have never know, where those grade from.

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