Oud Agarwood Nusantara

East Nusa Tenggara Agarwood

Kupang, located in East Nusa Tenggara, people named East Nusa Tenggara Agarwood is Kupang Agarwood, although the Agarwood came from the Kupang city like Flores, Ende or other East Nusa Tenggara City.

Some of Kupang Agarwood is Like Laos Agarwood; this is what Saudian buyer said, (AL-Laosi), the shape like pencil, brown, A grade, very sweet scent.

Almost all of Kupang super grade is sinking, Kupang has low grade Agarwood also, the smell is fine too, and the shape is bad and thin.

But you know, although Kupang has a sweet aroma, buyer still look for Borneo although the price is more expensive, buyer buy name not buy scent,

4 criteria of Agarwood: shape, color, weight, and scent. Although you have a nice aroma Agarwood, but the shape and the color is bad, we think that you will never get profit for this type because the Agarwood buyer is………………… 🙂

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