Muattaq Oud Oil

We need to analyze, how Agarwood Oil could have a better smell and thick?

One expert from German said that the Agarwood smell came from bacteria in the Agarwood chips.

When we distill Agarwood Chips and heat it more then 100 Celsius just said 200 Celsius the oil scent will be Burnt, why the oil scent is burnt???, because the bacteria in the Agarwood chips is die, not all die but almost all, that is why the Agarwood oil scent is burnt.

and when you distill Agarwood chips under the heat 100 Celsius you will find a very nice scent, because the bacteria is still life, longer you keep the bacteria life on the Agarwood oil it will make the smell of Agarwood oil stronger and better.

if the bacteria live, it will make the bacteria develop and make the scent of the Agarwood oil better, nice color and thicker, the bacteria will be stronger and the scent will be better.

Now people say Aged oil, keep the oil in 3 months or 1 or 3,4,5 years, for example it is almost impossible if there is a family said that they feed their baby every day and the baby could walk in 4 months.

IT is impossible to keep the Agarwood oil in few years and you said it is Muattaq Oud Oil or Tsaqel Agarwood Oil

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