Oud Sumbawa Agarwood

Explore by Trader in early 1970 until 1990, tons of Sumbawa Agarwood bring to Saudi Arabia, when at that time Double Super Agarwood is easy to find.

Sumbawa Agarwood has different scents, that could be challenge for other Agarwood like Irian or Kalimantan.

Smell almost similar to Kalimantan, oudy smell and fruity.

(Sumbawa High Grade, Resinous, wildwood, sweet scent, thick)

Some of South East Asia Seller said this Sumbawa Agarwood from Vietnam or Cambodia.

Deep soft scent of Sumbawa Agarwood nice for Meditation, the scent could be smelled from far away.

Sumbawa Kupingan, one of its famous shape address it is scent, Kupingan Means Ear, the shape is like an ear, amazing scent.

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