Pure Agarwood Oil

Q: How can we distinguish pure Agarwood Oil?

A: From some of distiller and expert of oud / Agarwood I meet in my country, and my experience in Agarwood oil, they still can not 100 % sure even 70% sure to distinguish pure Agarwood oil, why? Because there is oil that could mix with Agarwood oil, and I hear from other expert even you test with alcohol. The purity still presumption.

The First, maybe we learn, what pure Agarwood oil characteristic is, in generally. If we know pure oil, little bit we could know un pure oil.

Agarwood oil must be thin or thick, thin not like water and thick not like paste, when you scrub in your hand, the oil will gone, not leave a trace, the scent is depending from its region, it almost remain on hand from 5 hours more.

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