Cheap Muhassan or Sinai

Why Muhassan or Sinaai Oud has a very different Price of Each type?

There is several reasons why this is happen.

First is the purity and quantity of resin they use

Second is the Material they use for making Muhassan or Sinaai, I mean the oud / wood that they use.

Generally the resin , pure resin Agarwood is very expensive, its near US$500/kg, there is only one quality for Agarwood resin, if they say there is second or 3rd grade , its mean the resin is not pure 10% from Agarwood.

Now the second question is, what quantity of resin they use to Make 1 kg Muhassan or Sinai? Its depend on the order, more resin you insert to the wood, better smell you will got.

So the answer is

Good Wood + Good Resin = Good Price and Good Muhassan

Low Wood + Good Resin = Cheap Price and Good Muhassan

Low Wood + Mix Resin = Cheap Price and …… Muhassan

As long as the material they use to mix the resin is from other natural resin, like from other tree it still okay, the problem is if they mix it with chemical material so its very dangerous

Hope this information can help you

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Souqalbadu Team

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