Adventures of Aloeswood Hunters

We wrote this article, to inform our resellers and Souqalbadu customers to know how the struggle that made by Agarwood seekers.

Agarwood collector (Agarwood businessman) in Kalimantan mostly comes from Lombok every 3 0r 4 months, they returned to Lombok pick some people that ready to search aloes to Kalimantan.

Eaglewood seeker be formed in groups, the number of seeker in one group is 20 people, 25 people, and sometime 30 people.

They are all financed and equipped by the Agarwood Busnissman, and the results will be sold to the collector that financed them.

Carrying a backpack, weight aprox 30kg, axes, knife, tents, cooking utensils and equipment for them when they are in journey in the forest.

Walking, entering the wild forests of Borneo, by betting their lives looking for Agarwood, one month they spend night and day in the jungle, is something that should be paid high for what they get.

Snakes, striped tiger, bear, always they meet, armed with their prayers facing the animals.

What about if they are sick in the forest? It’s the risk they say, Yes we will live in tents, or exit the from the forest to seek help on logging companies in the forest that brings the wood down to the city.

Travel into the forest, can 7 days to 10 days, arriving at the target area, then they build a tent, whether aloes found around the target are, no, no, it’s not finished, tent is build backpack is prepared for the next journey, they split up, 2 or 3 person walking around the jungle, look for signs of aloe tree that is ready to cut. How far did they walk? They walked again for 2 or 3 days, takes about 70 to 100 km.

They walked for so far, if they find a sign of aloe tree, then they will settle there, start working with their axes and knifes, cutting trees and looking for the aloes wood (double super).

If they are already getting enough results, then they will return to the main tent, where they wait for friends – other friends who are still searching for Agarwood into the forest.

Imagine, happened several months ago, the adventurers were getting aloes double super in one tree for 4 kg, WAW windfall

Back into their stories in the jungle, after they all gather at the main tent, they all share stories, ops, there is forgotten, there are some Agarwood seeker that not return yet, there are some member lost in the jungle, imagine 100km walk, in the wilderness, new areas not yet known before, well, the group will look for those who have not returned, with signs that they had agreed before.

May they return safely …. all

Souqalbadu team

Agarwood seeker = Agarwooder