Aged Oud Oil Aged Agarwood Oil

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Alhamdulillah I am fine and hope you are fine also, sorry for delaying the reply.

Regarding your question, I will answer it as far as my experience, I am not a best Agarwood expert, we are all the same. Learning, you could ask other distiller to compare my answer, regarding this Agarwood oil, this Agarwood oil is “Mystery”

What I understand from your question is to make the Agarwood Muattaq or Aged Oud Oil

the way I know is only keep the Agarwood oil in its bottle, not to dry it and not to open the bottle, put the Agarwood oil under the sun light is only to dry the oil after distillation process, dry under the sunlight depending to water in the oil take about 3-5 days, but sometimes people use a high lamp temperature like 200 watt, and put the Agarwood oil under that lamp, to make the oil save from the dust.

Thickness actually came from the material, if high grade material the oil will be thicker, if the Agarwood oil material from middle grade the oil will be thin, thin Agarwood oil to be thick Agarwood oil take along time, 3 months it is too young to make aged agarwood oil.

Keep it in the bottle make the Agarwood oil better, do not open the bottle make the scent week its make a sense but I am not 100% agree, because what we have is the essential oil not Attar or Perfume.

There is no a big different will change if only keep the oil for 3 months, sometime people influence by his feeling, our brain is influence with situation that we made, just say, keep it in the dark place until 3 months, when we smell it we feel then the change is happening to that oil, situation change our sense of smell. The condition of the Agarwood Oil not change much.

Keep the oil old make the oil better, thick, and better scent? The answer is Yes, but not for 3-4 month, it has no different, as long as a I know if you keep for only 3 months.I think 1 years and more then 1 year to make the oil different, I have put the oil few months but it has no different.

We need to analyze, how can the oil could have a better smell and thick?

One expert from German said that in the Agarwood oil smell if came from bacteria in the Agarwood oil, when we distill Agarwood and heat it more then 100 Celsius  just said 200 Celsius the oil scent will be BURNT, why the oil scent is BURNT, because the bacteria of the Agarwood oil  is died, not all die but almost all, that is why the Agarwood oil scent is BURNT

when you distill Agarwood under the heat 100 Celsius you will find nice scent, because the bacteria is still life, longer you keep the bacteria life on the Agarwood oil make the bacterial more better just say its become more healthy after distillation process, make the bacteria DEVELOP and make the scent of the Agarwood oil better, nice color and thicker, the bacteria will be stronger and the scent will be better, but it is almost impossible if there is a family said that they feed their baby every day and the baby could walk in 4 months.

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