Sumbawa Agarwood Oud Oil

Sumbawa Agarwood oil

This is Sumbawa Agarwood oil from West Nusa Tenggara; Sumbawa has many grade of Agarwood oil, Middle grade, A grade and Super grade.

Sumbawa Agarwood oil, the scent is beautiful, sweet soft, and the color is like Borneo Agarwood oil, dark yellow. Higher grade color will be dark brown and black. Sometime the scent comes out like sweet flowers.

Its long enough scent remain on the hand, and the scent will be logger stay when this Agarwood oil on clothe.

We have limited stock of Sumbawa Agarwood oil, due to the material.

Sumbawa has many different scents, depending to wood material from, Sumbawa has many city like Borneo. We named our high grade Sumbawa Agarwood oil as Malaki and Turobi.