One Oil Two Smell

We would like to share our experience in smelling the perfume, especially in Agarwood or in Arabic called Dehn El Oud.

The Title is “the influence of mind in determining odor”

When someone test the expensive Dehn El Oud (Agarwood Oil), even the quality of the oil from middle grade, automatically that person will smell the oil scent like he smell high quality and said that oil is very good, fantastic, great, etc.

We have test one person, just say that the oil name is “A” we put the “A” oil in different two bottles, give two different names and give two different prices, one we give price $250 with name just say Oud Al Indo and the second we give price $500 with name Oud Borneo Tsaqeel

(The name and price only sample) that person said that the Oud Al Tsaqeel Al-Malaki has better scent then Oud Al Indo.

You could image if it is happen to Agarwood Oil, if its mix, could you imagine it? Could you different it? It is very hard.

We will give you the tips, how to smell the Dehn El Oud or Agarwood Oil.

When you buy Agarwood Oil or Dehn El Oud try not to influence with the price, with the oil description, if the oil you have bought before, try not to remember the scent that you have smell, try to make your own idea, if you buy Borneo Agarwood oil, with description bla.. bla.. bla.. You try not to focus with the description when you smell the Borneo, try your own smelling, your own deep maid to decided the scent.

Off course high grade Agarwood oil has better smell then middle grade, but sometime people influence with the price to determine the scent.

Hopes its could helps you

Souqalbadu Team

Pure Agarwood Oil

Q: How can we distinguish pure Agarwood Oil?

A: From some of distiller and expert of oud / Agarwood I meet in my country, and my experience in Agarwood oil, they still can not 100 % sure even 70% sure to distinguish pure Agarwood oil, why? Because there is oil that could mix with Agarwood oil, and I hear from other expert even you test with alcohol. The purity still presumption.

The First, maybe we learn, what pure Agarwood oil characteristic is, in generally. If we know pure oil, little bit we could know un pure oil.

Agarwood oil must be thin or thick, thin not like water and thick not like paste, when you scrub in your hand, the oil will gone, not leave a trace, the scent is depending from its region, it almost remain on hand from 5 hours more.

Fake Agarwood

Q: What about Agarwood, could it falsified?

A: for new comm-er, sometime Agarwood is hard to know it is natural or not, polis, furnish with Agarwood oil in surface, burned that makes Agarwood more beautiful, many buyer miss guidance for Agarwood criteria.

Your experience will teach you about how to understand agarwood.


Steamed Agarwood

What is steam Agarwood and for what it is use?

Agarwood steam or Incense material

Why this Agarwood is steam?

This Agarwood steamed to get the color to be black or dark brown, because this Agarwood is the material of Agarwood incense, Indonesian exporter export this Agarwood to Saudi Arabia, Yemen, and other countries.

First this Agarwood came from jungle, this Agarwood is low grade, the color is white to yellow and light yellow, that is why they have almost no oil inside, and some times little. After it’s brought from jungle and the Agarwood is dried for 3-5 days, the Agarwood is cleaned and the shape is made by our Agarwood man = Agarwooder.

After the shape is made, the Agarwood is ready to steam, in high temperature, steam, dry, steam, and dry, some time you could steam this Agarwood until 3 times.

And this is the product.

How is the scent?

This product has no scent, because the buyer only needs its color, shape and the Agarwood material, the buyer put their own sauce or essence to this product.


Souqalbadu Team

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