Agarwood Oud Sinaai

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If you new in Agarwood business, I am sure that you will think above product is Agarwood… yes that is real Agarwood but it modified, please looks carefully.

Other name of this product is Sinai (Arabic Lang). This material mostly from Irian Agarwood, carved and natural, depending to buyer request. Now some expert use Agarwood chips from Borneo/Kalimantan too and use the resin from its wood. The color is like Agarwood natural.

almost like real Merauke Agarwood You could request your own color make it dark or light brown, the scent is beautiful like natural Agarwood, resinous from Irian Agarwood resin. Our expert team has beautiful finishing on this product, and almost the same like natural Agarwood. The weight is suitable as suitable as it shape, you could request your own weight in each peace of this Agarwood. Try to satisfied your aim

Souqalbadu Team